1. Do Not Submit to the Control Claw

  2. Gateway to the Goddess

  3. Thai Occult Road Trip

  4. When You Look into a Hole the Hole Will Look into You

  5. Occult Level Demons Give Power to Witches and Sorcerers

  6. The Phenomena of Astral Projection

  7. Red Hair Against a Backdrop of Hi-Vis Fascism at the Vigil of Mourning

  8. Sheer Zed's Tak Tent Radio Sound Art Mix February 2021

  9. Necromancer Overdrive

  10. Unalome

  11. Hidden Water on the Sunlit Surface of the Moon

  12. Tearing Down the Statues of Ideological Folly

  13. Sheer Zed's Tak Tent Radio Sound Art Mix 8th November 2020

  14. Human Existence and Welfare Is Connected to All Cosmic Phenomena and Can Be Secured Through Esoteric Astral Worship

  15. Midnight During the Bloody Forest Ritual

  16. Time Has Become Something of a Slop Bucket of Lost Floppy Clock Days to Be Honest With You

  17. Magickal Box

  18. Charismatic New Black Moon

  19. A Matrix of Blood, Soil, Hair, Bone and Holy Powders

  20. Supernatural Strategist

  21. The Fascist Eugenist Allowed the Disease to Move Through the Population

  22. Paranormal Tactician

  23. A Floundering Narcissist Japes in the Office of Ignorance

  24. A Living Ghost Smirks in the Garden of Deception

  25. The Statistical Whitewashing of the Coronavirus Dead

  26. Stay Inside Yourself

  27. Isolation Lockdown Boogie

  28. The Seer Arises

  29. Hidden Pathways

  30. Deep Underground Military Bases Concealing Aliens, Weapons and Transdimensional Portals

  31. The Damnation of Your Ghostly Reflection

  32. Urban Dhamma Transmission

  33. Technomancer Yuletide Override

  34. The Inauguration of Viral Fascism Through the Industrial Media Death Complex (邪眼)

  35. Ansaphone Messages Are Wounds From the Teeth of the Streets

  36. Tubular Crystal Vortex Undulating on a Lava Sunset


Sheer Zed Bristol, UK

Sheer Zed, writer, shaman, electronic musician and artist has published articles on his experiences in the occult ritualistic aspects of shamanism and Thai Lanna Buddhism in Indie Shaman, Zazen Sounds, Rituals and Declarations and on the Folklore Thursday website. "Extraordinary" "immersive" & "exciting" - Louder Than War. "A tour de force" - TQ. "A veteran Bristol noise shaman" - The Séance. ... more

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